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We’re a digital content service provider operating across the Middle East and North Africa.

We enable content owners and creators to expand their reach, boost their audiences’ engagement and extend their monetization tools.

Karaz follows a unique and measurable methodology that focuses on re-packaging content before bridging it with the right services, markets and customers. First, we study and assess your content and social media presence. Then we plan, develop, position and manage your content by devising social media & distribution strategies, as well as digital campaigns that align with your goals and dreams.


We are passionate about getting quality work and talent out into the world. Get in touch and let’s have a chat about all the things we can do together!


Our Services

We Help You to grow your business & expand your reach through our diversified services

Content Production

From ideation to post-production, we develop and create relevant content for rising talent in entertainment. Data analysis drives our productionswe examine similar content that we manage and devise our new projects accordingly. When we see potential, we propel your work forward.

Distribution Strategies

We get your content in front of the right people by evaluating your distribution options and developing a plan for each channel. Then, we promote your content and amplify its impact to benefit from and maximize your monetization opportunities. Sometimes your content needs to be “everywhere”, and other times it doesn’twe’ll help you know the difference.


We build relationships and partner up with digital platforms, OTT players and Telecom operators to expand distribution channels, increase profits, and create opportunities for content owners of all sorts.  

Copyright Services

Our team’s long-standing expertise in copyright enables us to protect your content from copyright infringement across digital platforms by either blocking, monetizing, or licensing. You are not alone in the World Wide Web.

Social Media Strategy

Our well-thought-out social media strategies will ensure you’ve set attainable goals, identified your audience, and distributed your content effectively on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, or any rising social media platform. Whether you’re a content creator or content owner, you need a digital game plan.

Who We Serve

We understand your needs, whether you are:

Content Creator

Creating appealing and inspiring content is just the first step. We help you expand your reach across digital platforms and build partnerships to increase your views, boost engagement with your audience, and maximize your revenues every step of the way.


You’re a brand looking for promotion or a social media buzz, but you’re not sure whether you need an influencer, blogger, or content creator. Together we ideate, develop a strategy, and build social media partnerships based on creativity, reach, or influence to promote your products and services.


From managing your social media presence to developing the right digital distribution strategy and accessing new platforms, we help you maximize your monetization tools across different verticals. Whether it’s a short film, feature film, documentary, limited series or animation, we’ll help you find a home for it.

Musician or Music Label

Benefit from our repertoire of digital platforms to release and promote your music across the region. Our marketing plans for new artists and releases include the management of social media accounts—this allows us to find your audience among each platform’s user base and build a community of committed listeners and fans.


Through our community of online gamers, you can go directly to the place where other people share your hobbies and interests. Meet new people who speak your language. Get to know your old friends in a different context and create new shared experiences. Play for fun or take part in tournaments and win prizes. It’s a win-win!

Our Clients

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